The Beginner's Guide of Using Appium for Mobile App Testing

Leverage Appium for successful mobile app testing

Appium has quickly become one of the most prominent test automation framework for mobile app, game and web testing. As an open source test automation framework, it drives Android and iOS apps, regardless of native, hybrid or mobile web apps, using the WebDriver protocol.

As one of the most widely used frameworks in Testdroid Cloud and with many years of experiences of supporting it, we have decided to compose the very first Appium ebook and share it with all of you. This ebook gives you enough info and insights on how to implement Mobile DevOps approach and the outcomes you can get from the adoption.

For Appium beginners, we hope this ebook has shed some light on the basics of Appium, including the definition of Appium, the supported programming languages, etc. And for those who have been using Appium many years, the ebook has consolidated your understanding of this open source and provided more useful tips.

Download your copy to leverage Appium for mobile app testing and sharpen your skills as a mobile app quality specialist.

The Beginner's Guide of Using Appium for Mobile App Testing

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