Professional Services and Training for Mobile DevOps

Personalized advice and resources to get you onboard with mobile DevOps process

The digital world is increasingly competitive that any size companies cannot afford the cost of customer churn as the consequence of failures in mobile channels. Companies have to deliver high quality mobile apps and/or great experience websites all the time with faster and more releases in order to retain customers.

The truth is that most of the companies have limited human resources and time to formulate a strong mobile strategy in a short time. That's where Bitbar Professional Services fits and brings DevOps approach to your mobile team. 

We offer an array of various Professional Services to tailor your unique needs with the help of Bitbar Testing and Bitbar Monitoring. 

Bitbar Testing provides you with the ultimate solution to deliver new apps/versions to the market at a faster pace with the feature of Test Automation, Global Device Coverage and Continuous Integration.

It's critical to ensure your mobile app has the best performance and presents a pleasant user experience. That's where Bitbar Monitoring comes to play a role to offer you Awareness on errors and failures, Authentication with real networks and devices, Around-the-world in key locations/cities, and Availability of services. 

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Professional Services Offerings

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