Calabash 101: Basics, Getting Started and Advanced Tips

Everything you need for mastering Calabash

Calabash is a test automation framework that enables mobile developers and pretty much anyone without coding skills to create and execute automated acceptance tests for Android and iOS apps. Calabash works by enabling automatic UI interactions within an application such as pressing buttons, inputting text, validating responses, etc. 

As one of the earliest supported frameworks in Testdroid Cloud, Calabash has been widely used by mobile developers and testers. And with many years of experiences of supporting it, we have decided to compose an ebook regarding Calabash and share it with all of you. 

This ebook provides with you a tutorial of best practices with Calabash, how to get started with it, how to combine Calabash approach across other frameworks, and some useful tips!

Download your copy to start your first Calabash and learn how to master it for your mobile app testing. 

Calabash 101: Basics, Getting Started and Advanced Tips

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